Boston Rewetting Drops

Recondition and coat GP (gas permeable) lenses to relieve minor irritation and discomfort during lens wear. They remove particles that may cause irritation, discomfort, and blurred vision, and extend lens wearing time by wetting the lenses while they’re in your eyes.

• Enjoy longer, more comfortable lens wear
• Relieve dry, irritated eyes

SKU – BO01

Boston Advance Cleaner

Removes dirt and debris from your lenses, leaving your lenses clean, clear, and ready to be disinfected. Boston Advance Cleaner is visibly tinted and formulated for improved rinsing.

SKU – BO02

Boston Advance Comfort Formula Conditioning Solution

provides exceptional lens wearing comfort by coating the lens. Its patented dual preservative system provides excellent disinfection to destroy harmful microorganisms on your lenses.

SKU – BO03

Boston One Step Liquid Enzymatic Cleaner 5ml 

Is a simple and convenient way to effectively remove protein deposits from gas permeable (GP) contact lenses on a weekly basis to help maintain contact lens wearing comfort.

Convenient liquid works right in your lens case as you disinfect your lenses so it’s easy to use and saves time. Most practitioners recommend using an enzymatic cleaner at least once a week.

SKU – BO09

Boston Simplus Multi-Action Solution 120ml

Is a one-bottle lens care system that not only cleans, disinfects and conditions gas permeable contact lenses, but also removes protein daily. Boston Simplus Solution requires no evening rub care regimen – just rub and rinse prior to lens wear. Performance and convenience for today’s active gas permeable contact lens wearer.

SKU – BO10

Viscotears Liquid Eye Lubricating Gel


Viscotears provides long acting, soothing relief from sore, gritty, dry eyes.
The initial soothing sensation is prolonged by the long action of the Liquid Gel in the eye.

SKU – CV10

Viscotears Liquid Eye Gel (30 X 0.6g Amps)

30 x 0.6ml

Viscotears provides long acting, soothing relief from sore, gritty, dry eyes. The initial soothing sensation is prolonged by the long action of the liquid gel in the eye. Viscotears can be used as a substitute tear fluid for the management of dry eye conditions for unstable tear film.

SKU – CV33

Renu Multi Plus Solution


Renu fresh multi-purpose solution  rejuvenates your contact lenses, making it feel like you’re putting in a fresh pair every day

Renu fresh multi-purpose solution is proven to fight germs, clean lenses, and remove irritating protein deposits daily from your soft contact lenses for that fresh lens feeling every day. Daily use of renu fresh multi-purpose solution eliminates the need for a separate enzymatic cleaner or daily cleaner for many lens wearers.

See your solution. In a convenient clear bottle.

  • Experience the feeling of wearing a fresh pair of lenses cushioned in moisture.
  • Cleans, rinses, disinfects and removes protein daily.
  • Safe lens storage for up to 30 days.

SKU – BL35

Bio True Value Pack

2 x 300ml & 1 x 120ml 

Biotrue multi-purpose solution – experience advanced lens care inspired by the biology of your eyes. Biotrue was developed following intensive study on how the eye works naturally to clean, hydrate and keep itself healthy. Biotrue makes wearing contact lenses easier on your eyes, because it works like your eyes. Biotrue provides excellent disinfection and brings together three bio-inspired innovations: Matches the pH of healthy tears, utilises lubricant found naturally in the eyes, keeps certain beneficial tear proteins active. Biotrue helps keep lenses moist for up to 20 hours.

SKU – BL42

Biotrue Travel Pack – 60mL


Biotrue works like your eyes. Provides up to 20 hours of moisture, matches the pH level of healthy tears, provides excellent disinfection, keeps certain beneficial tear proteins active.

SKU – BL45


Cyclopentolate Hydrochloride 1.0%

20 Units

SKU – SN01

Cyclopentolate Hydrochloride 0.5%

20 Units

SKU – SN25

Phenylephrine Hydrochloride 2.5%

20 Units

SKU – SN24

Phenylephrine Hydrochloride 10%

20 Units

SKU – SN02

Tropicamide 0.5%

20 Units

SKU – SN03

Tropicamide 1.0%

20 Units

SKU – SN04

Amethocaine Hydrochloride 0.5%

20 Units

SKU – SN08

Amethocaine Hydrochloride 1.0%

20 Units

SKU – SN09

Oxybuprocaine Hydrochloride

20 Units

SKU – SN10

Fluorescein Sodium 1.0%

20 Units

SKU – SN16

Fluorescein Sodium 2.0%

20 Units

SKU – SN17

Minims Lignocaine (Lidocaine) HCL/FLU 4% Plus 0.25% Drops

20 Units

SKU – SN18

Minims Pilocarpine Nitrate 2%

20 Units

SKU – SN06

Chloramphenical 2.0%

20 Units

SKU – SN13


20 Units

SKU – SN14

Minims Prednisolone 0.5% Eye Drops

20 Units

SKU – SN19

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